Leftover Pumpkin Thai Soup

Halloween is full of ghosts, witches and zombies, but the scariest part of Halloween in the bone chilling amount of beautiful edible pumpkins we waste every year. Around 1/2 of everyone in the UK will buy a pumpkin at Halloween. 70% of those pumpkins will go uneaten (the equivalent of Make the most out of … Continue reading Leftover Pumpkin Thai Soup

Fresh Rhubarb Cordial

I love Rhubarb, it's so fresh and zingy! Did you know that virtually all rhubarb sold in UK supermarkets is grown in the UK! This means zero air miles and therefore a smaller carbon foot print than most fruits! Woohoo! I love to make rhubarb cordial at home, it's super simple and really quick to … Continue reading Fresh Rhubarb Cordial